Camilla’s BDay WOD

PG Crossfit – CrossFitMetcon (Time)Triathlon (ish) As a team of two complete 2k Row 120 Cal AB 1 Mile Run Partner A works on cardio while Partner B either hangs from the bar, holds a wall sit, or a handstand hold.Cardio can be broken up as desired, but partner A...

CrossFit – Fri, Sep 23

PG Crossfit – CrossFit ()Sumo Deadlift High Pull (3 Sets of 5 Reps)Metcon (4 Rounds for distance)3 min on/3 min off x4 Max m row Work on proper technique and form!

CrossFit – Thu, Sep 22

PG Crossfit – CrossFitFront Rack Lunge (Building 4 sets of 3 (per side))Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)AMRAP 10 15/10 AB Cal 10 Back Rack Lunges (P 115/85 Rx 95/75) 15/10 AB Cal 10 Front Rack Lunges

CrossFit – Wed, Sep 21

PG Crossfit – CrossFitMetcon (No Measure)EMOM x12 Min 1: HSHold (P with shoulder taps) Min 2: Rest *Shoot for 40-50 sec of work. Can break up into 2 sets if needed.Metcon (Time)4 Rds for Time 200m Run 10 Strict Press (P 95/65 Rx 75/55) 200m Run 10 V-Ups (P 11...

CrossFit – Tue, Sep 20

PG Crossfit – CrossFitFront Squat (25 Reps for Quality)Pick a weight (or a series of ascending weights) where you can work on proper form. Can be in any rep scheme.Metcon (Time)For Time 100 Double Unders 80 Box Jump Overs 60 Front Squats (P 115/85 Rx 95/75) 40...