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Clean and Jerk (Building )

This time is dedicated to learning and perfecting proper technique. There is no set weight or reps, but you should in theory work towards the heaviest working weight you’ll do in the metcon. If you’re comfortable with C&J build to a heavyish weight focusing on good form.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3x 5min AMRAP with 3min rest b/n

750/600m Row

15 Burpee Over Row

Max Clean and Jerk

1st (P 155/115 Rx 135/95 Sx 85/65)

2nd (P 185/135 Rx 165/115 Sx 105/85)

3rd (P 225/155 Rx 185/135 Sx 125/105)
In each AMRAP you will complete the buy-in of rowing and burpees. After you’re done, you will have the remaining time to get as many C&J in as you can. Each round gets heavier.