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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

EMOM x30

Min 1: 12 Back Squat (Rx 135/95, Sx 115/85)

Min 2: 12 KBS (P 70/53, Rx 53/35, Sx 35/26)

Min 3: 12 Push Press

Min 4: 12/10 AB Cals (P 15/12 Sx 10/8)

Min 5: Rest
Squat and Push Press come from the ground. The emphasis on this metcon is the bike, make sure youre scaling accordingly.

Scoring works like this. Each minute counts for one point (totalling 30 points for the entire metcon). To get the point, you must complete the required reps within that minute (ex: all 12/10 cals). If you fail to complete the required reps, you don’t get the point for that round.

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