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August 8 – PGCF Tubing – Stay tuned for details!


Benchmark Workout #1 – Thruster Ladder (Weight)

5-7 Minutes to Warm Up to first lift

45 Seconds to complete 1 Thruster

45 Seconds to rest and add weight

Continue increasing weight until you cannot successfully lift that weight.
Complete at least 8 lifts – if you fail at a weight in less than 8 lifts, then continue with the last successful weight until you’ve completed 8 lifts.

Accessory Work

Core Work (Not for Time)

3 Rounds

• 10 Roll outs with Bar

• 20 Hollow Rocks

• 30 Superman Rocks


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 X 200m run/250m bike (athlete choice) + 8 air squats

Runner’s Lunge, Pigeon, Inch worms, pass throughs.

Lax ball/foam roller mobility (athlete choice in 8-12 min time window) Options: lats, traps, quads

Banded squats, banded strict press, banded thrusters

Mini Bergner for Cleans