PG Crossfit – CrossFit

March Fitness Challenge starts Sunday – 500 extra calories per week on bike, row, ski, run, etc. Document your cals. Winner programs a WOD!
CrossFit Plus this Saturday (2/29) begins at 9:30 AM and will return to regular time next weekend.


Warm-up (No Measure)

• 10 cat/cow

• 10 PVC overhead squat

• 10 long lunges


Snatch Complex (5 sets of 1 Rep of the Complex)

Snatch grip deadlift + Snatch grip pull + Snatch grip high pull + Full Snatch
Keep this weight light and work on ensuring the bar maintains a straight bar path, that it makes contact with your hips at the power position, that it doesn’t fly away from your body in the scarecrow position and that you are able to drop under the bar and not ride the bar down into the full squat.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Fight Gone Bad

5 Rounds – One minute each round

• SDLHP (95/75) (P 115/95)

• PP (95/75)

• BJ (24/20) (P 30/24)

• Row for Cals

• Rest
Score is total reps