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Reminder that this same partner workout will be programmed at 9:15 AM. You can choose either time.
Reminder – Ice Skating at Wells Ice Rink this Sunday at 2 PM!

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner: AMRAP X 30 minutes

· 80 Cal bike/Front Plank

· 40 DB cleans 50/35/Left Side Plank

· 80 cal row/Right Side Plank

· 40 DB thrusters/ V up

· 200 DUs/Dead Hang

· 40 DB Box Step overs/L Sit
1 Partner works while the other partner does the corresponding static movement. For the V up, the athlete holds in the V position of the V up. Dead hang is from the Rig. L Sit can be on the rings, on the parallettes, or between 2 boxes.