Vasco loves CrossFit. Vasco loves training. And most importantly, Vasco loves coaching people.  He has been actively CrossFitting since 2011.

Vasco is a lifelong exerciser with an athletic background in football, baseball, wrestling, and sprinting. He started training to improve his athletic performance, but realized that when he wasn’t actively competing, he wasn’t training with the same intensity. After Vasco’s competitive athletic career ended, he stopped exercising for a few years. It was during his collegiate inactivity that he realized the enormous health and wellness benefits of exercise and seeking fitness. He made the commitment to make strength, movement, and fitness and regular part of his daily life, and aspires to help others to do the same.

You cannot build a house on a weak foundation. Vasco fundamentally believe that optimizing your physical self directly translates into an optimization of all other areas of life. Build the body and everything falls in place. He is eager to help people build their own strong foundation..

-CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

-CrossFit Scaling

-ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPR & AED certified)

-ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist