P.J. has always been focused on sports and athletics, both personally and professionally. In high school he was an all seasons athlete, competing in cross country, basketball and baseball. When not involved in team practice, you were guaranteed to find him competing in a game of ping-pong, bowling, billiards, or any backyard activity-all of which he took very seriously! Following his competitive high school days, P.J. stayed active, running several long distance races, including the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll marathon, and to this day ALWAYS finds time to compete in backyard sports. Several winters ago when P.J. found he couldn’t run one more mile on the treadmill, he decided to take a chance on something new- six CrossFit introductory classes.  Not only did P.J. love the variety CrossFit brought to his total body fitness, but he also found the functional movements he had been doing as a competitive athlete fit perfectly with his new workouts. P.J. discovered that each WOD is a little different-the variety keeps it interesting, and it wasn’t long before he was addicted. P.J. is a strong believer in the CrossFit philosophy of functional fitness for all people and is eager to help members work toward their personal strength goals.

-CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

-CPR & AED certified