Julia is a rare native of the DMV, having grown up in Greenbelt MD. In addition to hanging out in her hometown, she enjoys eating oreos (double stuff only) and hanging out with her family and friends. 

She has dabbled in many sports, from swimming as a kid to rock climbing, trail running, and Kung Fu as a young adult, but she finally found a sport that encompassed it all with Crossfit about five and a half years ago. She loves Crossfit because of the variety of the workouts that fit any season of life, from pregnancy and postpartum to beast  mode. Mostly though, she loves all the interesting and wonderful people she’s gotten to know and spend time with in the gym.

When not teaching High School, in her day job as a teacher, she can be found battling barbells and running around on trails. Her favorite part of Crossfit is that it never gets easy- there’s always new skills to work on and ways to be better. #hardworkpaysoff

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-CPR & AED certified