Although Caeden (@caedendemps) was quite active in different sports and activities throughout his childhood and teen years, he didn’t discover his fitness path until later in life when a friend brought him to his first CrossFit class.  In CrossFit, Caeden found the structure, variety, and support he wanted and needed in a fitness program. 

He loves CrossFit for its ability to push people to reach new limits, find comfort and pride in their bodies, and strive to be healthier versions of themselves. 

Caeden recognizes that fitness does not come easily to everyone, and has developed a coaching style grounded in helping members challenge themselves, push their limits, and maintain healthy living.  Caeden found the encouragement and support he needed in CrossFit and works hard to provide that same level of investment in the athletes he coaches. 

Caeden’s favorite part of coaching is supporting people as they achieve things they did not think were possible – the first pull-up or rope climb, lifting that extra bit of weight, or running a bit faster or further than the week before. Caeden is excited to be part of the PGCF coaching team and community and is looking forward to pushing athletes closer to whatever their fitness goals may be.

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-CPR & AED certified