Michael  grew up playing a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, football and rugby. In 2014 he tried CrossFit on a whim and has been addicted ever since. CrossFit was everything he was looking for in a workout program and much more. He enjoys the benefits that CrossFitting and nutrition has had on his own performance and body composition as well as the effects it has had on others. 

Michael is also an avid runner and endurance junkie. He once ran two 10Ks, two half-marathons, three full-marathons and one ultra-marathon in a span of three months! He is a strong believer in pushing the boundaries of one’s physical limits in order to further develop one’s mental toughness. This will ultimately help improve one’s performance not only in the box, but in conquering daily life as well. 

With his passion for CrossFit and helping others through coaching, Michael is always ready to motivate and push each athlete to achieve their fitness goals.

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-CPR & AED certified