Morgan grew up in Reno, Nevada where she started training as a gymnast at the age of 5. She earned a NCAA scholarship to the University of Alaska Anchorage and spent four years competing as a D1 athlete while earning her BS in Environmental Science and a BA in Spanish.

For the past three years, Morgan has been coaching the UMD women’s gymnastics team and working as a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach while completing her masters in Biological Oceanography. Beyond her experience as a D1 athlete and coach, Morgan has training in both traditional lifting and powerlifting.

Morgan will be joining the PGCF coaching staff to offer both nutrItion seminars and individual nutrition counseling. She will additionally be coaching two classes per week focused on taking a deep dive into gymnastics movements for CrossFit, including pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups, and handstand walking/HSPU.

Our gymnastics class will focus on building core strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility. The class will be a mix of technique, drill progressions, and strategic fitness programming open to all experience levels. Morgan is thrilled to be joining the PGCF team and can’t wait to share her passion for fitness, and help empower others to build physical and mental strength.