Growing up in New Jersey and Delaware, Isaac always considered himself athletic, showcasing his talents as a four year varsity high school wrestler. However, it wasn’t until late in his college years that his fitness career and lifestyle really started to take off. Isaac graduated with bachelors and masters degrees in sports medicine and began working to help athletes return to sport after injury.

In 2018, Isaac joined a CrossFit gym in Missouri. He was a part-time attendee for two years before focusing and dedicating his time to improving his strength and skill. The foundations of CrossFit helped to transform his professional life and his own personal goals, and he began formally coaching CF athletes in 2020.

Isaac enjoys helping people improve their skill in the gym and find the courage to replicate it in a competitive format. He loves to compete and has been participating in CrossFit competitions since 2018. He enjoys the adrenaline rush from daily competition with his fellow gym goers, but is also regularly seen giving advice to make sure his fellow athletes hit their highest potential. 

Isaac has a masters degree in athletic training (MSAT), and holds both CF-L1 and athletic trainer (ACT) certifications. When not at PG CrossFit or his full-time job as head athletic trainer at Prince George’s Community College, Isaac can be found bbq’ing or hanging out with friends at local restaurants.