Kat Georgantas is from Towson, Maryland and a current undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, double majoring in Math and Physics. Kat tried a variety of sports before falling in love with powerlifting while training for shot put on her high school track team.
After starting college, Kat searched for a powerlifting gym to continue in the sport, was introduced to CrossFit, and never looked back.

Drawn to the variety that is CrossFit, Kat earned her L1 coaching certification in 2021. She loves coaching in a sport where each day offers new challenges, new opportunities for growth and development, and often a new movement that’s never been tried before. Kat thrives in the quickly changing environment where both athletes and coaches are never bored.

When not impressing her peers with a barbell in hand or flourishing as a woman in STEM, Kat enjoys spending her time painting, bouldering, and hanging out with her cat Smokey.