Jinkyu Kwon was born and raised in South Korea, moving to the US in 2002 at the age of 13. His fitness background includes wrestling, football, and powerlifting. Drawn to the efficiency and effectiveness of the high intensity exercises and like-minded fitness community, Jinkyu started CrossFit in 2013.

After almost a decade as a CrossFit athlete, Jinkyu completed his L1 certification with the aim to help others similarly achieve their fitness goals. His coaching style motivates athletes to build both strength and confidence so that everyone sees progress and gains on the scaling continuum.

Jinkyu, a corporate banker by day, complements his passion for fitness with a vast collection of hobbies including woodworking, classic motorcycle restoration, real estate investment, traveling to developing countries, and being an awesome cat dad. He’s a firm believer that his cat will be famous on social media one day and will start earning his keep – no permanent rent-free tenants, regardless of purr or meow!