Rachel Ederer Sanchez grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland prior to attending nearby Towson University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in film. Rachel’s introduction to sport started through her soccer, swim, and track teams, where she was both a sprinter and triple jumper. In college she picked up kickboxing and once able to take multiple classes back to back, she decided to further add Olympic weightlifting to the mix. Rachel started CrossFit in 2019 and has been hooked ever since, earning her L1 certification in 2023 in addition to holding CPT, NFPT, and swim instructor certifications.

Rachel believes that fitness is for everyone and wants the gym community to be as inclusive as possible. Her coaching approach strives to help her athletes have a positive and healthy relationship with working out and how they view fitness.

When not at the gym, Rachel works as a freelancer in television/film in the camera department and is a certified drone operator. Rachel is a collector of hobbies and loves trying new things. She is scuba certified, loves dancing, loves the outdoors, and is a junkie for adventure.